Career Celebrations For Learners


 Date: 17 March 2017



Each Year DITSONG: Tswaing Meteorite Crater hosts a Careers Event that focusses on unusual careers in museums, conservation and the scientific world.Partners for 2017 include DITSONG Natural History, Kruger, Pioneer and other Museums as well as Kwalata Game Reserve, Council for Geoscience as well as other partners Gr 9 Learners from schools close to DITSONG: Tswaing Meteorite Crater will be bussed in for the event which will take place on the 29 March.

During the event learners will be introduced to the DITSONG Museums. They will find out what happens behind the scenes in science andcultural museums; as well as different careers in museums; such as entomology, paleontology, education and museum conservation. The Kwalata team will explain the importance of water and why it is important to protect the Limpopo river basin. The Council for Geoscience hasmany beautiful mineral and rock specimens for the learners to interact with. The earth will literally come to life for learners after visiting the Geoscience display; and will leave them contemplating“what lies beneath for a long time afterwards.

The highlight of the learners’ visit will be to see the world famous Tswaing Meteorite Crater, only 1, 13 km in width, 100m depth and with its very own saline lake. The crater is a geological site where one senses that an event of great magnitude happened. Although imagining a meteorite half the size of a football field hurtling into the earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 2 mins per 14000 km is not that easy when it all occurred more than 220 000 years ago.

DITSONG Museums of South Africa include: DITSONG Nation Museum of Military History, DITSONG Pioneer Museum, DITSONG Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum, DITSONG Kruger Museum, DITSONG National Museum of Natural History, DITSONG Sammy Marks Museum, DITSONG National Museum of Cultural History and DITSONG Tswaing Meteorite Crater.


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