Background on the institution

About Ditsong

DITSONG MUSEUMS OF SOUTH AFRICA is an amalgamation of eight national museums, seven in Tshwane and one in Johannesburg. These museums have diverse collections covering the fields of fauna and flora, palaeontology, military history, cultural history, geology, anthropology and archaeology. The target audience for these museums are children, youth, adults, students, tourists (foreign and local), researchers and the public in general.

Legislative Mandate of DITSONG

The mandate of DITSONG in terms of the Cultural Institutions Act is as follows:

  • Collection, conservation and safe management of national heritage collections on behalf of the South African nation.
  • Carry out research and publish such information for the cultural, social and economic use locally and internationally.
  • Design, implement and manage exhibitions and public programmes with a view to supporting the national educational curriculum, economic development and other socio-economic objectives of the Government.
  • Render heritage-based service to other museums (national, provincial, local and private) as well as to individuals and tertiary institutions.


Sustainable museums accessible to all.


To transform and enhance museums and heritage sites as vehicles for nation building and social cohesion through active conservation, innovative research and relevant public programmes for the benefit of present and future generations.


Institutional values



To ensure accountability by management and staff in the running of the institution to avoid violation of all relevant legislation.


Ensure professionalism in the execution of our duties to enhance productivity and the reputation of the institution.


Act in a manner that is open, consistent and predictable to promote and enhance internal communication.


DITSONG recognises and affirms that South Africa is a multicultural society, which will be reflected in thee activities of the organisation.


To be an institution of honest employees who will protect assets and resources of the institution with passion


Respect for oneself, fellow workers and the public in general


Strive to be an organization of excellence that develops products and services that meet international standards.


Strive to be loyal to the institution and what it stands for in its effort to meet its legislative mandate and broader government imperatives.

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